Why I Haven’t Posted For A While

Hi everyone. I apologise for not having posted anything for a while. I have a very good reason for this, however, so I will explain everything that I have been doing for the past two weeks. Let’s start with Monday.

Monday was the day when I had my first day of dance tour with my dance class. I ended up having to leave at quarter past seven in the morning to travel to the first secondary school as we had to be there by nine. We performed our half hour dance show and had to go to the next school straight after that to do the same again. We performed twice that day.

Tuesday was the second day of my dance tour and we performed three times that day.

On Wednesday, not a lot happened but I had to perform at an open evening until quite late.

Straight after college on Thursday, I went to see a performance in London and didn’t come back until eleven at night.

On Friday, I had to go up to London again to go to a dance event which was a lot of fun. I did this on Saturday as well.

On Tuesday, I performed at another event in London which was again a lot of fun.

As you can probably imagine, I was really busy during those two weeks so I didn’t have much time to do any reading. I only just got back to reading today so hopefully, I should have a book review up next week sometime for Scarlet.

See you tomorrow for a new post.

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