Something New, Something Different

Hello fellow book worms,

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I said that I would write another blog post today. So, here it is…

I wanted to use this post to give you a rough idea of what I’m planning to do during the week within my blog. So to begin with, here is my little schedule for my blog:

Monday: What have I got coming up during the week? How far am I into my book or am I reading a new book?

Tuesday: Book discussions.

Wednesday: Top 5 Wednesday.

Thursday: Book Travelling Thursdays.

Friday: TV shows or movies that I really want to talk about.

Saturday: Tags, challenges etc if I can.

Sunday: What have I been up to during the week?

I think that, with this schedule, there should be more blog posts coming during the week besides just book reviews.

I’m excited now for Sunday as a lot has already happened during the week and a lot more is going to happen. It’s a very busy week.  I’m going to stop rambling now so I see you tomorrow with a new post.

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