30 Day Book Challenge

I just went on another book related app and randomly stumbled across this challenge. I don’t know who started this challenge but it looks interesting so I’m going to start this challenge now. Here is a picture on what each day is about:


Today’s task is to talk about the best book that I read last year. The best book that I read last year has got to be The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.


The reason why I picked this book is because it helped me out a lot in 6th form last year. I took a creative writing course last year and after reading this book, my writing became a lot better. I used Yancey’s way of describing things and situations and ended up writing better than I did before reading the book. This book helped me a lot through my creative writing course so that is why it’s the best book that I read last year.

What was the best book that you read last year?

One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge

  1. Best book of last year I believe was You by Caroline Kepnes. I can’t stop mentioning it. It’s so great. It’s a thriller about a guy stalking a girl and it’s told in the second-person from the stalker’s perspective. I read Yancey’s Monstrumologist last year and loved it. I love how detailed it is. Another favorite of last year.

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