Cinder Book Review


I am so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I haven’t been able to post anything so therefore, I will be posting more throughout the weeks than I have posted before. So, let’s get to the review for Cinder…

What can I say about Cinder? It was really good. I thought that this retelling was very clever and really well done so I’m intrigued with the rest of the series. In fact, I’m going to start reading Scarlet next. I really liked how we got to learn about the political systems in New Beijing in this book and it was interesting to learn how people got treated depending on what they were. For example, it was interesting to learn how both Lunars and cyborgs got discriminated just because they were different and therefore not liked. It annoyed me a lot at how Cinder was treated just because she was cyborg and not fully human.

I really enjoyed reading about Cinder as we got to learn a lot of different things about her and we also found out things with Cinder that neither her nor I knew or thought were possible. She also really grew throughout this book as a person and I felt very sympathetic towards her in some parts of the book.

I really liked Prince Kai. He was such a genuine character and wasn’t at all what I was expecting from a prince. He had to make a lot of decisions through the book, yet I must admit that at the end of the book, he really annoyed me at how he was acting towards Cinder. I still really want Prince Kai and Cinder to get together though.

Peony was such a nice character and she didn’t deserve what happened to her. She was always there for Cinder when no one else was alongside Iko.

Iko had me laughing a lot throughout the story as she seemed so human and it was funny to think about a robot doing the things she did and saying the things she said. She seemed to have a proper personality which I really liked.

I hated queen Levana and her thaumaturge’s so much as they made so many things difficult for all the characters and she only thought about herself and war. She really is the perfect version of an evil queen in the fairy tales.

I also really didn’t like Adri and Pearl as they were absolutely horrible to Cinder and treated her like a servant. Adri’s attitude really annoyed me whenever she talked to Cinder and I hope that within the next books, they both leave Cinder alone as she deserves a break from that life with them.

Dr Erland was such a nice, friendly and helpful person. I must admit, however, that what he did to get to Cinder wasn’t right. I feel like he should’ve found another way to find her without going through other cyborgs first. By the end of the book, I really did like him though.

I really enjoyed the humour in this story between Cinder and Iko and Cinder and Prince Kai. I also liked the conversations between Cinder and Peony. There were parts in the story when I would laugh during the conversations. It was really well done and it made the story lighter at the correct times.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading sci-fi and retellings.
Please let me know what you thought about this book. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Which part of the book was your favourite?

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