Small book haul

Today, due to my dance course at college, I had to perform today near my favourite book shop. What is the first thing I do? I go into Waterstones before the performance to buy some books. I only managed to get two books as I only had enough money for two, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that I just had to buy these books. So here are the books that I brought:


I am so excited to read this book as I have heard a lot of amazing stuff about it. I love retellings when they are done well and this book sounds like its going to be promising.


I thought that, seeing as I brought the first book in the series, I might as well get the second book as well. Can I just mention how beautiful these covers look? I think they might have to be some of my favourite book covers.

Have you read this series? Did you enjoy it? I would love to know your thoughts of this book series.

5 thoughts on “Small book haul

  1. I did not like cinder the first time I tried to read it but when I gave it a second chance in 2015, I loved it and this series is now amongst my favourites. 😀

  2. Oh I really enjoy this series! I still need to read the last book and the novellas, but I’m slowly getting round to it. Hope you enjoy it! 😀

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