City of ashes book review


Today, I finished city of ashes which is the second book in the mortal instruments series. I thought this book was brilliant and an amazing way to continue with the series.

I think that the descriptions of places in this book are much better written as I could imagine everything more clearly. There was a lot more that I learned from the shadowhunter world which was good and we also got introduced to some knew characters. Here are my thoughts on the new characters:

I really enjoyed reading about Maia as it was interesting to read about her story and how she became the way she is in the book. I ended up feeling really bad for her because so much happens to her. I think her character was really well written and I hope to read more from her perspective.

I really didn’t like the Inquisitor. She was such a mean character. She always thought she was right and thought that Jace was lying to her which he clearly wasn’t. She made a lot of bad decisions which really annoyed me. However, when I found out why she behaved like this, I did feel really sorry for her.

I really like Max. He was really sweet and I would like to read more about him as well.

I really like Maryse as she seems like a nice mother who is trying to look out for her family. At first, I really didn’t like how she tried to kick Jace out of the Institute but when I found out why she did that, I understood what she was trying to do.

I really liked how the book was told in different characters perspectives and how each character acted in different situations.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5.

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